This time we will discuss What changes if Finland is Green tomorrow? The slogan for the Greens’ municipal election campaign is ”Tomorrow, Finland will be green”. But what do these Finnish Greens, and especially Finnish Greens for Science and Technology actually stand for? What kind of cities and municipalities will they build when they get elected?

These questions and many others will be discussed with our fabulous panelists that include Jaana Ailus from Espoo, Theresia Bilola from Turku, Linda Omodara from Oulu and Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä from Espoo. The discussion is moderated by the vice chair of Viite, Jenni Spännäri.

The event will be live streamed in Viite’s Facebook, Youtube ja Twitch:

We also invite the viewers to ask questions and take part in the discussion. You can also post your questions to the panelists before the event in the event comments section in facebook.